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She turned two…

November 16, 2013

We had a little celebration at home and then headed to Utah to celebrate with our families.  It is seriously amazing how much they change and grow in a year!  I love having her as my little side kick and look forward to our adventures together.


Dorothy & Toto

November 3, 2013

Meet my sweet Dorothy and Toto.  After looking at the Dorothy costumes to buy I figured I could make it.  Well I learned I shouldn’t sew after midnight unless I’m following a pattern.  It was fun to make but took a little longer than I expected.  She already had the white shirt so I just added the trim to it.  She actually really likes watching the Wizard of Oz!

Fall Fun

November 3, 2013

We ventured to Carrigan Farms for their pumpkin patch and it was sort of a let down.  Most of the pumpkins were moldy or smashed and they didn’t really have much else to do while we were there.

This was us at our church trunk or treat…scarecrow, Dorothy and fake Toto and the lion.

October // pumpkins

November 2, 2013

The older she gets the harder it is to take photos of her.  Totally forgot about the chipped nail polish, oh well she’s a kid :)

Imitating the grump face pumpkin…