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Whatever Wednesday: Wedding

January 26, 2011

Something I’ve decided to start is “Whatever Wednesday.”  I can’t think of a better term for it so that’s what it’s going to be.  I’ll post things about..wait for it…whatever!!! It could be anything from wardrobe ideas, photoshop/camera help, a cute picture of Ruca, or what I did the night before.  I decided for the first one to post a wedding that isn’t on this blog and you can’t view it on my old blog.  I loved Eddy and Miken’s wedding…in fact I loved their engagements and bridals so their wedding was going to be awesome.  I decided to put a little video together too so enjoy!

According to many dietary recommendations, they recommend you drink 8-8oz glasses of water (or fluids) a day.  Anyone who knows me knows how I can’t stand drinking water.  Crazy I know but it’s true.  I think I get that from my mom :)   I don’t even drink enough fluids of any kind to reach the recommended amount.  It’s not necessarily a New Year’s resolution (it was on my 1 year goals last year) but I’ve decided to drink a bottle of water everyday and increase the amount every month.  I can’t stand tap water so I buy bottled water when it’s on sale.  If I had a drinking fountain I’d be in heaven….I love when they are really cold.  So far I’ve drank a bottle of water for 9 or 10 days in a row and I am so proud of myself since a bottle of water could usually last me a week!!!  A lot of this has to do with this amazing water, Nestle Raspberry Splash.  It is the best flavored water I’ve ever tasted!!!

Last Christmas Post…

January 9, 2011

Christmas was how long ago?!?!?  I still want to post these pictures anyways since I took them and I liked how “festive” our little place was.  Let’s back up about a year and a half ago.  Justin was already here in NC and I (and family) had the pleasure of packing all our belongings.  “You’re crazy to take your Christmas tree” they said so I left it.  I left our pretty Christmas tree in Utah.  How does a home feel like Christmas without a tree???  I told them “You aren’t the ones moving across the country!”  Anyways, last year I decided to make our Christmas tree.  Yes.  I said MAKE.  What our Christmas tree(s) consist of is styrofoam and felt.  Yes they aren’t real trees but they do their job.  My favorite thing was our wreath (I still need to take it down!!!).  It is real and I loved coming home to something wonderful before I even walked in the door.

The little squirrel you see is our ornament (thanks to my mom!) for last year since Ruca loves chasing the squirrels.  Our ornament for this year was from our trip to Chimney Rock.  I like how simple it is.

A simple Christmas

January 5, 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas which consisted of relaxing and enjoying each others company.  This was our second year of not going to about 4-5 houses on Christmas and I thought I was going to be homesick which wasn’t the case.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE being around family!  But it has been nice (again) to just be together.  I woke up and put the pull-a-parts in the oven and they make the most delicious breakfast.  I was excited to watch Elf and then disappointed when I found out we didn’t own it.  We ended up watching Christmas Vacation which is a good one too.  Around 3:00pm we skyped with my family and later that evening we did it with his family.  It was nice to see everybody.

In August or September we both got the new I-phones so we considered that our Christmas.  I did have to go buy him a shirt…and a shirt for me so we’d have something to wear on Christmas (that tradition came from my mom).  He surprised me though and bought me a sweater which was really cute.  Sadly the winter season is not a good one for us.  I unexpectedly had to register my car in NC which cost around $200.  I was going to just keep renewing it through Utah but that’s another story (it really was a sad moment when I took off my UT license…I’m proud of the “greatest snow on earth” license plate).  Then Justin needed to get his car inspected for registration and dun dun dun…”you need new tires.”  That might not seem so bad but when you have to buy “special” tires and also need some belt thing…$800 is sort of a big deal.  At least he will be safe driving all the way to school!

The news was saying there’s a possibility of snow and when that happens, everyone literally rushes to the store to buy bread and milk.  I wonder what they did since most the stores were closed on Christmas.  I really didn’t think anything of it until I woke up on Sunday morning.  It was the most beautiful sight….white fluffy snow!!!  I got Ruca and headed out still in my pajamas and took it all in since I knew it wouldn’t last long.  It was a beautiful day.  We had a fire burning all day and laid on the couch getting cozy and watching the snow fall.

All in all…it was a simple but amazing Christmas.  I loved every minute of it.

While they were here for Thanksgiving we headed out to take some pictures.  One thing my mom really wanted to do is to get a picture of things they love and it was so fun!  They are nerds together but I love it.  Scott is a total goofball and I miss being around his crazy sense of humor.  I had kept teasing them they were dressing like they were back in Chicago where it really gets cold.  Good thing they brought some warmer coats because it was chillay.

Trying out some different effects…

We got some fresh wreaths!  Loved it.