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Sneak Peek ~ Lund Family

November 22, 2010

Brady Family

November 2, 2010

I can describe this family with one word….AMAZING!  This family was fun last year and was excited to photograph them again.  I can’t believe how much the kids have changed which I didn’t realize until I looked at last years pictures.  Jolin was so worried about outfits and I told her that whatever she does is going to be awesome and she surpassed “awesome” and reached “brilliant.”  The colors blend wonderfully along with patterns and textures and are still fun!  We had fun and I love just letting families be themselves and not overly stress about getting a perfect smile.  I was excited to try a new spot I had found and I think they turned out beautifully…if I do say so myself.  Thank you Brady family once again for allowing me to capture the love and connection between your family!  Enjoy the photos!

I had remembered from last year that to get the kids to smile and have fun the parents bribed them with bubblegum.  I decided to stop on my way to the shoot and get some bubblegum and get some pictures of them blowing up bubbles…only 2 kids can blow bubbles but it was still fun!

I decided to post the pictures from last year since I don’t have that blog anymore for those that haven’t seen them yet.