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Biltmore ~ Part 2

October 25, 2010

Here is part 1 of Biltmore if you haven’t seen it already.  Here is a little bit of info about Biltmore but you can go to the website for more.  It was built by George W. Vanderbilt and officially opened on Christmas Eve in 1895.  He was a bachelor in this house for 3 years!!  Finally he married to Edith Dresser (she was 25 she moved in!!!) and had their only child in 1900.  George Vanderbilt died in 1914 leaving this mansion to a woman and little child.  She remarried to John Francis Amherst Cecil and the home is still run by family.  They have 1,800 employees to continue to preserve the amazing home.

A downer about it is that you can’t take pictures inside!!!  Which makes sense because it would take FOREVER to get through the house with people blocking everybody to get a picture.  The inside of the house is amazing.  I was surprised how it wasn’t overdone and toooo fancy….it definitely is fancy but not gaudy like I was thinking.  The banquet hall has a 7 story ceiling!  There are so many antiques all over this house.  In the banquet hall there are tapestries that date from the 1500′s and a 1916 Skinner pipe organ.

The library contains nearly half of his 23,000 volume collection and the ceiling has the painting The Chariot of Aurora that was painted in the 1720′s by Giovanni Pellegrini which was in the Pisani Palace in Venice.  There is a chess set  that was Napoleon Bonaparte.

I found some pictures of the interior so here are some….

Swimming pool…

Mrs. Vanderbilt’s room…

Mr. Vanderbilt’s room…

Every ceiling was unique…thanks to whoever got these pictures!!!

Main kitchen…

Servants room…

Ok now onto the pictures I took…bored yet?!?  You shouldn’t be!!!!

Thanks to Roger and Dawn for coming to visit!  Justin used to work for Roger back in Utah.

This was at Antler Village where we had a delicious lunch.

Here are a few from my phone….

Wow…that’s a lot of photos!!!

Collins Family

October 24, 2010

It was such a privilege to photograph this family as they added a new member to the family.  It was a long process to finally hold her and bring her home from Ethiopia and the love the whole family has for her is incredible.  I work with Dr. Collins and my co-workers decided to give them the gift of hiring me to photograph their family….awesome idea!!!  I overheard the story (correct me if I’m wrong Shannon or Dr. Collins) that one of the girls wished that they would adopt a child for her birthday.  How sweet is that!!!  When they flew the first time to meet with the court system and actually be able to see her (but not bring her home yet) she was a favorite at the center and was always being held and getting attention.  When they brought her to the office the first time we had a lunch for them and everyone could not stop looking at this sweet little girl.  She is absolutely beautiful and she just makes you smile.  They named her Addia which means gift from God.  She definitely is a gift from God.  Enjoy the photos….WARNING there are a lot of photos.  I could have photographed them all night!

I love how all the kids are looking at her…

She turned one today!

Sneak Peek ~ Brady Family

October 22, 2010

I just had to share one from tonight.  Gorgeous family.


October 22, 2010

This little guy is a stud and he wasn’t going to let anybody in his way.  In other words, we had to chase this little guy around AND he is still a stud.  He has such beautiful blue eyes!  He also has cute parents that adore and cherish him.  One thing I love about photographing families and children is seeing the parents light up around their children.  Brigham is privileged to have parents that exude those qualities.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!

Love his reflection in the window and so did he….can you blame him?

I am going to make this trip into 2 posts because there are so many pictures.  Ever since we moved to NC many people have told me “you have to go and see the Biltmore.”  Justin’s old boss from Utah had a conference in Raleigh this past week so he and his wife drove to come visit us.  They wanted to do something and the only thing we could think of would be to go to Biltmore.  I’m so glad we did!  It was a beautiful day and the Biltmore was beautiful.  I will go into more details in the next post about the house because I just wanted to post some pictures of the garden area.  A total of 2,870,628 plants were planted on the Biltmore estate!!!!  That is a ton of plants!  Here are some pictures from the garden!

The winning rose for 2010