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When I got my job here, I would be talking to my mom on the way to work and I would always tell her how pretty this place looks in the morning.  I kept saying “I’ve got to get up earlier before work to stop and take pictures of it.”  I said that for months and then it turned to winter which didn’t look so pretty.  This past Saturday I decided to wake up like I was going to work and stopped to take some pictures.  I’m sure I’ll do it again because I didn’t get the photograph I visioned in my head.  I love that I get to drive more into the country side of town with lots of fields, cows, small town, and I can’t forget the awful sewage plant that’s hits my nose like a ton of bricks some mornings.  I’ll stop with my rambling and let you enjoy the beauty.  Usually when I’m driving home they have horses out which I want to get pictures of next time.

I like how you can see the morning dew…

Couldn’t decide between color or b/w

Welcome welcome

March 29, 2010

to my new blog!!!!  I needed a new change and love the clean look.  I also changed up my color scheme to something more simple and modern.  Anyways, you better make sure and subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog!  I will be making an announcement about sessions for those in Utah this week.  What better way to start off my new blog with a picture of me and my sweet baby Ruca (Justin and I often refer to Ruca that way).  We love when she’ll cuddle with us like this…it made my Sunday afternoon!