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I absolutely love doing senior portraits and was lucky enough to photograph Hadley when I was in Utah for a couple weeks.  I photographed her family years ago and I can’t believe she’s graduating high school now!

Brianna ~ senior

July 13, 2012

When I pulled up to Brianna’s house I didn’t know a beauty queen was going to walk out!  If she were in a beauty pageant she’d win hands down.  I wish we could’ve got some in her other uniform too…a military uniform as she was involved with it in school.  We had fun and wish her the best in her college career endeavors!



Hannah ~ senior

June 5, 2012

Hannah is such a sweet girl with beautiful blue eyes.  I wish her the best in her medical field adventure!


Christina ~ Senior

August 16, 2011

I absolutely love seniors!!!  They are just so fun and Christina was a blast!  I have many more I’d like to post but here are some.  I’m sure more will grace the blog at some point.  Christina started out a little shy but I knew she was faking it because I’ve gotten to know her since we moved to NC.  Once she got comfortable she was on a roll…maybe being involved in theater helped and she had an audience since we were kind of on a main road.

Her crazy personality came out…

And she knew how to work the camera

She’s a girl after my own heart…for shoes.

Sneak Peek ~ Christina

June 6, 2011