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shot with Rachel Barker

model: D.J. Partridge

bouquet: The Enchanted Florist

I know I know…

May 12, 2011

I know I haven’t updated in quite some time….I’ve just been busy growing organs, bones, fingers, toes, and much much more! I am 21 weeks as of today and things are going pretty well. I’ve also been busy shooting weddings with Rachel for Millie Holloman Photography and loving every minute of it! We’ve had some wonderful weddings and have another one this weekend. Here is a link to the first wedding we did.  The second wedding was a little more complex so there’s two links, here and here.

Here are some shots from the weddings….

And one more….

Here I am in all my glory….I feel huge and yet I’m pretty much just getting started.  I have an app on my phone that tells you weekly and daily things and for each week they compare the baby size to a fruit or vegetable.  At 20 weeks the baby was about the length of a banana.  At 16 weeks (hideous photo so it won’t be posted) was an avocado, quite the difference in 4 weeks!

Whatever Wednesday: Wedding

January 26, 2011

Something I’ve decided to start is “Whatever Wednesday.”  I can’t think of a better term for it so that’s what it’s going to be.  I’ll post things about..wait for it…whatever!!! It could be anything from wardrobe ideas, photoshop/camera help, a cute picture of Ruca, or what I did the night before.  I decided for the first one to post a wedding that isn’t on this blog and you can’t view it on my old blog.  I loved Eddy and Miken’s wedding…in fact I loved their engagements and bridals so their wedding was going to be awesome.  I decided to put a little video together too so enjoy!

Katie ~ Bride

October 3, 2010

I had a blast shooting Katie.  She was such a beautiful bride inside and out.  She got married on the coast yesterday but her mother wanted some pictures of her that weren’t on the beach and I’m thankful for that!  We met at Queens College and walked around the campus for a little bit and then headed to NoDa for a different style.  I loved that she brought her dog but I’ll admit I was a little nervous when she said she had a boxer….ummm I’m used to my 5 lb dog and I didn’t know how I was going to help control a big dog.  Thankfully her dog is well trained and was so good the entire time!  Warning:  there are a lot of pictures!

She just beams with happiness.

I knew immediately I wanted to shoot by this parking garage…love this!

I love when clients put their trust in me and are up for anything like going on top of the parking garage.  Beautiful lighting!

Absolute favorite shot and I was so excited to come home and see what it looked like larger which looked even better!  Again, thankfully she trusted me and was willing to climb into it.

Absolutely stunning….Katie you are gorgeous!!!

She had her earrings custom made to add the sea-green color for the beach wedding.

Sneak Peek ~ Katie

October 1, 2010

This beautiful bride was married today so I can post her beautiful photographs but just one for now.